Two New Schools under Construction

As of November, our 8th and 9th schools are  currently  under construction in the rural  villages  of Sossoro and N’Galamatiebougou. Our first 7 schools were built in a very successful partnership with the international charity Save the Children. However, Save the Children has shifted its focus, at least temporarily, to concentrate on teacher training programs, and is no longer building many schools. But school buildings are still desperately needed, with many children attending classes in windowless storerooms, crumbling mud-brick buildings, or temporary shelters.

As a result, Build a School in Africa has teamed up with a trustworthy construction company  in Sikasso with extensive experience building schools to government standards. Generally a village is able to raise enough money to build just one classroom at a time, but with help from Build a School in Africa, the community will get an additional one or two classrooms, plus latrines and an office/storage building.

To celebrate our sixth full year working in Mali, our partners designed this wonderful new logo for us!

Build a School in Africa logo

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