Plans for School #10

We are busy laying the groundwork for the tenth school we will help build in Mali, West Africa. We are planning to build a new school near M’Pessoba, which is between Bla and Koutiala on the north/south paved road between the major cities of Segou and Sikasso. There is a cluster of small villages that currently send their children to school in M’Pessoba, but kids have to walk from 5 – 11 km (3 – 7 miles) to get there, along the busy highway.

Several teenage girls have been assaulted walking to or from school. Our plan is to built a centrally located school that will serve the villages Boudibougou, Fantala, Kemesorola, and Sobala, as well as other settlements in the area.

We need your help to make this a reality. Please consider contributing today!

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Photos of Schools #8 and #9

Our trusted collaborator in Mali, Monsieur Abou Coulibaly, recently sent us some photos of our 8th and 9th schools, in Sossoro and N’Galamatiebougou. The school in Sossoro was finished in February, and N’Galamatiebougou in March.

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